Painting Padiham


How much does it cost to enter Painting Padiham?

The entry fee is £10 which must be paid by 29 April 2017 to secure your place at the event.  We will not be able to accept entries on the day.  The entry fee is non-refundable.

Are there any restrictions about what or how I paint?

We only ask that you create a picture which captures Padiham and its people in one day.  Artists can use most mediums, including oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, drawing, pen and ink and collage.  Streetscapes, historic buildings and architecture, landscapes and portraits are all permitted.  It doesn’t have to be paint, you can use any medium except photography.

Can I paint anywhere in Padiham on the day?

Yes, as long as you are within a 1 mile radius of Padiham Town Hall.  You must not choose a location which causes a nuisance or puts you or members of the public in any danger, and permission must be obtained before painting on private land. Also please don’t do anything that would break the law or cause a public nuisance.  On completing an entry form you will need to submit your chosen location so that we can direct visitors to you on the day.  It is ok to submit an entry form without confirming the exact location as long as you confirm it to the organisers by 29 April 2017.

Can I do any preparation work or make some outlines or preparatory sketches on my canvas/board/painting material?

You must choose your painting location in advance of the event, and this could include preparatory work or sketched to help you on the day, but all materials used on the day of the event must be blank and not pre-prepared with background or other preparatory sketches.  Primed surfaces will be acceptable.

Why do I have to register at the StormArt Gallery on the day before I can start painting?

Before you start we need to check your registration and put a stamp on the back of your painting surface as proof that you started the day with it completely blank.  Works without a stamp submitted at the end of the day will be excluded from the competition.

Can I enter a picture I painted beforehand?

No.  You will have the opportunity to submit up to two pieces of your artwork to be exhibited for sale in the week prior to the event, but all work eligible for the competition must have been painted on the day.

Can I submit more than one picture on the day?

No. We will only accept one item from each artist on the day. However artists can have more than one canvas/paper etc. stamped as being blank at the start of the day but can only submit one for judging and exhibition.

Do I have to paint outdoors?

No but you must paint in a place accessible to the public within the 1m radius of Padiham town Hall. If you choose to paint inside a public venue, before doing so you must get permission from the owner/occupier.

What happens if it rains on the day?

Painting Padiham is primarily an outdoor event so all participants must be dressed and prepared for the weather conditions.  Just as participants should have appropriate waterproof clothing and any necessary protective measures for their artwork in the event of wet weather, participants should also ensure they have plenty of refreshments and protective sun cream if it is hot and sunny.

Is there a maximum or minimum size for entries?

There is no minimum size but for exhibition display purposes there is a maximum size of (92cm x 92cm including frame).

Can I submit my finished artwork at the StormArt Gallery anytime during Saturday?

Yes.  Artists will be able to submit work at StormArt Gallery anytime up to 6pm following registration.   Work will not be accepted after 6pm.

Are there any age restrictions for participating artists?

Yes, artists must be over 16.

Does my picture have to be framed?

No, but a reasonable level of presentation would be expected for the exhibition.   All works will be exhibited as submitted on the event day.

The Picture House will be offering artists discount on any frames made for the event, either prior to the day or in the week before the exhibition.

When will judging take place?

Judging will take place following the event and the winners will be announced at a private Launch event at the Picture House Gallery on Saturday 20 May 2017.

How will I know if I have won?

All participating artists will be invited to the Launch event at the Picture House Gallery on Saturday 20 May 2017 where the winners will be announced.  Artists will be able to meet with other artists and view the exhibition before it is open to members of the public.  The sponsors of each of the prizes are entitled to that painting as part of their sponsorship package. Each of these pieces will be framed professionally by the Picture House Gallery as part of the sponsorship package at no cost to either artist or sponsor. Winning artists will be paid their cash prize within 30 days of the event.

Do I have to take part in publicity?

By entering Painting Padiham, you agree to the use of your photograph and images of your finished work being used to promote the 2017 event and any future events.

Who decides what price my picture should be exhibited at?

The price will be agreed between the artist and Painting Padiham. All work must be made available for sale.

How much will I receive from the sale of my artwork?

Artists will receive 50% of the selling price, unless your painting is one of the three prize winners, in which case please see above.

How do I get paid after my artwork is sold?

You will be paid by cheque within 30 days of the sale.

What happens if my picture isn’t sold?

You can collect it after the exhibition to take home by 10 June 2017.  All uncollected pictures will be donated to charity.

Will my work be promoted before the event?

Artists will have an opportunity to have up to two pieces of their original artwork exhibited and available for sale in StormArt Gallery and other Padiham town centre venues in the week prior to the event.  Confirmed participating artists will also be promoted as part of the pre-publicity for the event.