Painting Padiham 2021

The brilliant and popular Painting Padiham event returns on Saturday 11 September 2021!

Artists will be able to compete for cash prizes and artists’ materials by creating an original piece of art depicting Padiham and its people, over the course of one day in September.

This exciting event is open to artists, both professional and amateur, using any style or media (except photography). Participants will be asked to select a location within a 1mile radius of Padiham Town Hall, including Gawthorpe Hall grounds, and can paint outside or inside (with permission).

Visitors to the event will be able to follow a trail to see artists at work and enjoy seeing original art created before their eyes. On the day artists will register at the Event Hub Padiham Town Hall with a blank canvas before moving out to their chosen location. Their completed work will be submitted at the end of the day and judged over the course of the following two weeks. An exhibition of all event artists’ submitted work will be on display at the Picture House Gallery for 3 weeks commencing on Wednesday 29th September 2021. The prize winners will be announced at the Launch of the Exhibition event on Saturday 25 September 2021 and will include cash prizes. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase the original artwork during the exhibition.

Artists will be asked to register at Padiham Town Hall from 8am on Saturday 11 September, where they will have their canvas, paper, board (or other media capable of being stamped) stamped to confirm that it is blank. Artists will then be able to move out to their chosen painting location (confirmed in advance of the event day). Artists can submit their work at Padiham Town Hall anytime that day up to 6pm. Artwork will not be accepted after this time.

Visitor Guides including maps of the event will be available for visitors to see where the artists will be located for the event. Each Artist will have a number and an Artist Bio on display to help visitors locate and find out more about the artists taking part.

Visitors will be able to take in the great shops and eateries in Padiham town centre, visit Gawthorpe Hall, as well as visiting as many artists around the town as they can. For more information about Padiham town centre see our Directory pages.

Painting Padiham is organised and supported by Padiham Town Centre Management, Picture House Gallery, Padiham Townscape Heritage project, Heritage Lottery funding, and Gawthorpe Hall.  Huge thanks to Padiham Town Council for their support with the event.

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