Taurus Interiors

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom Manufacturer
Taurus Interiors design, manufacture and install fitted furniture for all around the home. Over 70% of our turnover is generated through manufacture in our workshops in Nelson, Lancashire. The bulk of the remainder of the turnover is in items such as kitchen appliances, some worktops such as granite and quartz, bathroom pottery and other accessories.

Obviously this emphasis on locally made furniture creates employment and is good for our local and national economy but there are lots of other reasons why you should come to us with your home project.

Taurus Interiors quality stands up well against our German rivals and exceeds that of many domestic manufacturers. We use the same hardware, drawer systems and accessories as do the top end German companies such as Leitch, Poggenpohl and Siematic and a better system than that used by Nolte and Hacker.

Not only do you enjoy the same quality as the better German products you cut out the middleman thus getting much better value for money.

We have complete control over design – other firms do ‘specials’ at inflated prices. ‘Specials’ is our bread and butter. We consider them as normal and we make no excess charge for making units to non-standard dimensions. We will design into the awkward spaces where other companies fear to tread. We design special arrangements for larders and laundries, under stairs and in the slope of a roof.

We give clients a straight answer to what can and what can’t be done for them. We pride ourselves in that we use ‘can’ far more than our competitors and use ‘can’t’ a lot less.
By dealing with the same people who design, organise, manufacture, deliver and fit your furniture communication chains are direct and much shorter with much less likelihood that things could be misinterpreted. Similarly the chances of administrative error is much reduced.

Problems can arise in any project, sometimes unforeseeable, sometimes through error. No matter what the problem or why it arose we are on the doorstep to put things right immediately. No waiting 4 weeks for the replacement.

We supply a wide range of appliances and accessories. As Premier Partners with AEG, Electrolux and Zanussi we are able to offer core ranges of all these brands at competitive prices and with a warrantee extension at no extra cost thus giving you peace of mind.

Over recent years Taurus Interiors have been commissioned increasingly regularly to take on larger projects. Sometimes they involves just two rooms, kitchen & utility or bedroom and en suite, sometimes involving full house renovation including building work. In the latter cases we use our long established network of local tradesmen to add to our own expertise and we manage the entire project thus taking the stress and worry of your shoulders.

Taurus Interiors prices are honest and are based on the manufacturing cost of your furniture. We have low advertising and sales costs and no middlemen to pay. We are often asked ‘Do you have a sale?”. The quick answer is that we don’t. The longer answer is that, on occasions, we have ex display kitchens, cancelled or postponed orders for builders who are not ready to take their furniture and special offers from some of our suppliers. The fact is though that if you see someone offering a sale that seems too good to be true then make no mistake, it is too good to be true. If retailers can offer an extra 20% on top of their already 40% sale then they are overcharging to start with (and over-charging by an awful lot). Our prices reflect the cost of producing good quality well designed schemes for your home – no more, no less.

Manufacture: Many claim to do just that when in fact they are buying in carcases from one supplier and doors from someone else. We really do manufacture and you are welcome to call us to arrange to look round our workshop and see the furniture being made.

For further information, take a look at the website, Facebook and Instagram pages. The showroom is currently open via appointment contact on 01282 691300 or email on enquiries@taurusinteriors.co.uk

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