Gable Artwork ‘Up the Hill’

We are excited to reveal the new mural artwork that has been created in Padiham Town Centre! This eye-catching piece has been named ‘Up The Hill’, created by artist Chris Butcher

This artwork is to celebrate and highlight the unique heritage of Padiham, drawing attention to its transportation history as well as its traditions in textile production. The use of public art in this way can help to create a sense of community and pride in local heritage, and can also be an important tool for engaging future generations in the cultural and historical significance of a place.

‘Up the Hill’ is a tribute to the town’s rich history and cultural heritage, its people, and the labour they have contributed to Padiham over the years. The mural depicts scenes from Padiham’s past, including its thriving textile industry and historic tramway system. The centre of the mural features two tram cars, complete with passengers, as they travel up and down the main streets of Padiham. Behind the trams and below, are examples of textile work inspired by the internationally recognised Gawthorpe Textiles Collection.

The mural is a testament to Padiham’s proud industrial heritage and serves as a reminder of the sacrifices and hard work of its residents over the years.

With special thanks to the Padiham Gable Art Project Steering Group including local business and community representatives, Mid Pennine Arts, Padiham Archives and Gawthorpe Hall. Made possible by National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the Padiham Townscape Heritage – Crafting the future.

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