Grant Eligibility

Who can Apply for Funding?

To apply for grant funding you must either:

Own the property – In order to apply for grant you must be able to provide proof of ownership.

Lease the property (long-term lease) – If you have a lease without a break clause that exceeds the length of the grant conditions (10 years from the date of the scheme completion) you are eligible to apply for grant funding with consent from the landlord.

Lease the property (short-term lease) – If your lease is less than 10 years you may still be eligible for grant funding. This would require consent from the landlord who must join the Grant Application and agree to be bound by the grant conditions if a grant is awarded.

The TH Project includes three levels of priority; High, Medium and Reserve.

A fixed grant rate of 85% is available against all eligible works.

Grant funding is limited and priority will be offered to High and Medium projects firstly. Please contact the TH Officer to discuss whether your property is eligible for funding.

Grant funding is only available for eligible building works of a high conservation standard that promotes best practice; repair, rather than replacement works should be carried out where possible. These fall under three categories (please note that this list is representative and not definitive):

1. Repair – to cover the cost of external structural works such as:
• Chimney stack and roof repair
• Stone/brick repair and cleaning
• Repair of lead work and rainwater goods
• Repointing

2. Reinstatement of architectural detail including:
• Restoration or reinstatement of traditional shop fronts, including appropriate signage
• Reinstatement of heritage doors and windows
• Heritage detail such as iron work, railings and other external historic features

3. Bringing vacant floor space into use:
Grant funding is also available to bring vacant floor space back into use, such as redundant upper floors. A business case or options appraisal may be required for consideration.

Other eligible costs
Alongside the three categories above, other costs eligible for grant include:
• Professional fees (Architect, Structural Engineer, Surveyor, etc.)
• Planning, Listed Building, Advertisement and Building Regulation Consent fees.
• Building surveys
• Preliminaries
• Contingency
• VAT is eligible unless it can be recovered by the applicant.

Ineligible Works/Costs
Grant funding is not available for works such as:
• Internal decoration including fixtures and fittings
• Furnishings including flooring
• Non-traditional signage
• External Shutters