Eligible Works

Grant funding is only available for eligible building works of a high conservation standard that promotes best practice; repair, rather than replacement works should be carried out where possible. These fall under three categories (please note that this list is representative and not definitive):

1. Repair – to cover the cost of external structural works such as:
• Chimney stack and roof repair
• Stone/brick repair and cleaning
• Repair of lead work and rainwater goods
• Repointing

2. Reinstatement of architectural detail including:
• Restoration or reinstatement of traditional shop fronts, including appropriate signage
• Reinstatement of heritage doors and windows
• Heritage detail such as iron work, railings and other external historic features

3. Bringing vacant floor space into use:
Grant funding is also available to bring vacant floor space back into use, such as redundant upper floors. A business case or options appraisal may be required for consideration.

Other eligible costs
Alongside the three categories above, other costs eligible for grant include:
• Professional fees (Architect, Structural Engineer, Surveyor, etc.)
• Planning, Listed Building, Advertisement and Building Regulation Consent fees.
• Building surveys
• Preliminaries
• Contingency
• VAT is eligible unless it can be recovered by the applicant.

Ineligible Works/Costs
Grant funding is not available for works such as:
• Internal decoration including fixtures and fittings
• Furnishings including flooring
• Non-traditional signage
• External Shutters