Rapid I.t appeal

Rapid I.T Launches Generous Appeal

Padiham IT company Rapid I.T has launched an appeal for donations of old laptops, computers or tablets to support the children of Burnley with their learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rapid IT’s ‘Tech 4 All Kids’ campaign will take donated devices and securely wipe and repair them before offering them to local schools who have pupils struggling to work from home due to the lack of IT equipment.

Jack Bannister, managing director, said: “Every child has a right to an education and it’s concerning to think of any pupil struggling at home to do their work because they don’t have access to a laptop or computer.

“Every day we’re hearing stories of teenagers doing coursework on mobile phones and primary school pupils having to wait their turn for the family laptop or computer while their parents and siblings split work and learning.

“Given that so many people have old technology lying around the house; in cupboards, drawers and under beds, we are calling for their help to make a difference.

“Businesses too may have redundant stock in storerooms and under desks; we can take it and re-use it for good.

“If we get the donations in, Rapid IT are in a good position to address the home learning issue as we have the capability and experience to refurbish tired laptops and computers, make them fit for purpose again and issue to schools who need them.”

Rapid IT already has good relationships with several local schools in the area and is currently making contact to discuss their requirements and any shortfalls they may have.Jack said:

“Given that so much schoolwork is now online, necessitating the need for a computer, we just want to ensure that everyone in our local community has the right equipment to facilitate learning.”

Anyone wishing to donate a laptop should go www.rapidit.co.uk/donate to register their details and find out where to drop the devices off.If those donations are sizeable, arrangements can be made for collection.