Painting Padiham 2019 winners

Take a Look at Painting Padiham’s Winning Pieces

The annual arts event – Painting Padiham – received its highest number of contestants this year as 78 artists took part.

With both amateurs and professionals taking part, the 2019 winners have finally been announced. All paintings will be displayed at the Picture House Art gallery and are all for sale, this will be until the 27th June.

Third Place

In Third place, a very well deserving Steven Smith. This painting also won the People’s Choice award by receiving most votes from the public.

Steven Smith holding his painting of Padiham

Second Place

For the second place prize, the winner is Gosha Gibek with this vibrant painting of Gawthorpe Street.

Gosha Gibek With her Painting of Gawthorpe Street Padiham

First Place

And finally, the first place winner of Painting Padiham 2019 is Gillian Ousby. A big congratulations for Gillian for this stunning piece looking over the bowling green. Very well deserved!

People’s choice Award

As Steven Smith’s painting won the People Choice prize, the second place winner goes to this beautiful painting of the River Calder. This was painted by David French.

Highly Commended

The judges also awarded Highly Commended certificates to a collection of artists.

Veronica Gornall, Lyn Pyatt, Rodney Walmsley, Malcolm Heyworth, Zoe, Andrew Farmer and Regina Quigley all received these (shown respectively in the images below).