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Business Support Coming to Burnley & Padiham June 2021….

Free Business Training

Please find link below to Burnley/Padiham Business School Free Training.
This is an online course aimed at Start-ups, but also well-established businesses will benefit too.
The course is delivered over 5 days online via Zoom.
The course covers:

  • Marketing: Promoting your business
  • Sales: Growing your business
  • How to bootstrap your business
  • The quickest way to get going
  • How to build a website for free
  • How to take payments online
  • Where are your customers online
  • Using social media to find your customers
  • Guide to Legal stuff
  • Guiding Principles and Graduation

It’s online, free, and hopefully if it goes go well, there will be a classroom based one later in the year. 

For more information and to book your place visit